On the occasion of Data Privacy Day at Apple, the company has announced that it will soon roll out an “App Tracking Transparency” feature that will allow users to choose which apps can track their user data across other apps or websites owned by different companies. According to Apple, this feature will soon roll out in the beta update of iOS 14, iPadOS 14, and tvOS 14. The feature will be available under the device settings option, where users will be able to see the list of apps requested for permission to track the data.

According to a statement by Apple, “Apple’s nutrition labels require industry to be clear, and upfront with consumers and tools like App Tracking Transparency will help people to assert control over the invisible leakage of their data. With these commendable innovations, the industry will finally feel pressure to change. Consumer awareness and technical solutions are important parts of the solution. Still, to prevent a cat-and-mouse game between industry actors, we need substantive, enforceable regulation to stop this exploitation of our data.”

Apple has not given any precise date but has confirmed that it will release the feature in “early spring. ”

In addition to this, Apple announces that now there is a separate feature called “Privacy nutrition label” on the App Store product pages. Here, Apple requires all the apps, including its own, to provide “information about how an app uses their data — including whether the data is used to track them, linked to them, or not linked to them.”

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