It’s a new year and Instagram had given an option to check out and share the top nine most popular pictures from the one’s profile. to look back on what were the most trending pictures of one’s profile.

Now Instagram is also allowing to see which colours you use on Instagram. An app called the Year of Colour creates a mosaic from the colours that are present in your Instagram photos.

The app captures these moments and distils them into coloured dots,

As per a report in The Verge, the maker of this app, Stef Lewandowski, was inspired by his wife Emily Quinton to build this app. He says that he wanted to look how one looks on the internet if only seen through the “lens of the colour palettes” that we are sharing.

The app only works for Instagram accounts which are public and can be used to check only the colours of the Instagram accounts that we own.

So you can’t go and check for say the colours of Shahrukh Khan’s Instagram account.

Firstly you’d have to pick a time frame, and then the app would scan through your most-liked Instagram posts — and give out a data visualization of the colours seen in your top 100 posts.

The app then brings down each image to the bare minimum of six and nine colours and creates a pattern of dots that differ in size. The size of the colour ball is based on how much the image comprises in the image and how much the followers like that image.

For example, if your most liked picture is of a close-up shot of an orange, then the app might throw out a colour palette with a huge orange dot.

Lewandowski states that this is a “combination of attention and content,”.

There’s also an option of a handful of sliders and dials that let you customise how you want your report to look like.

The number of dots can be limited based on popularity.

You can even filter out the dull, non-vibrant colours.

You can even make the brightest dots pop front and centre, or organise the coloured dots according to the timeline.

In this, the January 2018 goes to the centre, and the circles radiate out so that colours from December 2018 populate the edges.

Lewandowski mentions in the report that he will soon let people purchase prints.

But there is one more feature that can’t be captured through print which is you can select the playthrough button which shows how the colours in the images changed throughout the year.

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