An AI-based movie which changes music, scenes and animations based on what you are thinking

Different person, different scenes, music and animation! That’s what we call the movie of the future.

“The Moment is an interactive film which is controlled via data from a EEG headset which picks up unconscious reactions and changes the narrative thread in response. The story explores three narrative threads in a dystopian future world in which brain-computer interfaces are both a source of social threat and potential revelation. As a piece of science fiction the film speaks about the present. Our relationship with each other via social media and the facilitation of rise of far right ideologies,” says Richard.University of Nottingham’s Richard Ramchurn has created a 27-minute long movie, in which he is flipping the script using Artificial Intelligence (AI). Called The Moment, which viewers will be able to direct while watching it using their brain’s electrical activity via an EEG headset.

This concept really takes the idea of brain-computer interface to an extreme level. If we put a number to it, then the 27-minute long series, being viewed by so many different brains would mean 101 trillion versions of those shots. The brain’s impact on how the movie unfolds could be conscious or controlled. It officially launches on 7 June and will tour the UK in a specially adapted caravan that has been transformed into a mobile cinema.

You can watch the trailer of the movie below.

The MOMENT Trailer 2018 from AlbinoMosquito on Vimeo.

The Moment, however, isn’t the first brain-controlled movie by Ramchurn. The first was The Disadvantages of Time Travel, which offered a blink-based control to its viewers.

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