Amazon Prime Video has started rolling out a shuffle button for various shows present on the platform. Now, users will be able to choose any given episode to watch randomly. This feature will help users show that they have finished watching before and do not want to re-watch it serially. Popular shows like The Office or Star Trek can now be watched using the shuffle button on Android devices after logging into the app.

While the website’s web version is yet to receive the update, Fire tablets are likely to get the feature soon.

However, since Amazon divides the shows in terms of seasons, users will select ‘Shuffle episodes’ for only one season. Even if a user does not wish to choose a particular episode consciously, they will first select the season to pick the episode.

On Netflix, users would get random shows or movies played based on the personalization algorithms. So users who are often clueless as to what to watch will get reminded of the movie they were last watching, something they have already watched and liked, or some content that had been saved in their watch list. Many streaming platforms have been experimenting with the shuffle play feature for a while now. Earlier, in January, Netflix had announced that they were planning to launch a similar button soon globally. However, as TechCrunch reported, the shuffle button present on Netflix would be different from that introduced in Amazon Prime Video.

Unlike Amazon Prime, where the option to shuffle appears for a selected season, Netflix is working on bringing the button on the profile icon of a user’s account.

Way back in 2019, Hulu also introduced a Prime Video-like button only for popular sitcom Seinfeld. However, it was only a short-lived feature, introduced for the 30th anniversary of the show.

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