Amazon patents a technology that lets you try on virtual clothes at your home

Amazon has patented a technology that could bring a blended-reality display into existence. So the next time you want to check out how you will look at the party, all you have to do is stand in front of the mirror, try on some virtual clothes and the display will show a customised image of the party venue in the background.

The details concerning manufacturing and price point of such a display are not yet known.

The patented technology is named as blended reality system and it combines the images reflected by the mirror with images transmitted from a screen behind the mirror. The system uses a mirror and a display to create a blended image of the reflection from the mirror and the illumination from the display.

The new patented system will use projectors to illuminate and non-illuminate (based on what it wants to reflect) the object in front of the mirror. The illumination created by the projector will then be reflected by the mirror to create a blended picture of the object.

Another similar technology developed earlier by Amazon was called the Amazon Echo Look which uses artificial intelligence to help you choose what to wear.

The voice-controlled camera takes pictures using voice commands given to it. The camera which is connected to an app called ‘The Echo Look’, which recommends which of the two outfits is best, by syncing the pictures taken front the device to the app. The Echo Look is priced at $199.99 and can be ordered by requesting an invitation on the website.

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