Amazon Music has expanded its X-Ray features, which now will enable users to get glimpses of behind-the-scenes and trivia for their favorite songs. The feature is, however, not new for Amazon. It is already available on the Amazon Prime Video streaming platform, where it provides brief information about the actors in the current seen. According to a Verge report, the X-Ray feature now provides additional trivia pieces that show about tracks. The feature is available across the globe for tens of millions of songs listed on Amazon Music.

To access the trivia on songs that you are listening to on Amazon Music, you will have to swipe up on the X-Ray icon. There you can browse through each fact or click on the “Credits” section at the bottom of the screen to know about the complete credits of the song being played.

According to a report by Beebom, apart from song credits, the feature will also highlight some fun facts and trivia about the song creation process in the US and the UK. The trivia could include anything from the release date, Billboard chart positions, and the inspiration behind the track. The report adds that the X-Ray feature is already live for Amazon Music to build 17.2.2 on Android in India.

Recently a report in PhoneArena also revealed that a GPS navigation software app owned by Google, Waze, was teamed up with Amazon Music to give drivers a new way to listen to music while in the car. Amazon Music subscribers can tap on the new music note icon on the app and start listening to their favorite songs, playlists, and stations.

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