Amazon has launched several products during its virtual hardware event alongside a host of new products. Among them is a new Ring security camera called the Ring Always Home Cam. The Ring Always Home Cam is an autonomous indoor security camera that can fly inside the home and record footage of multiple viewers. Users have to set a path for the device to fly throughout the home.

As per the Ring blog, the camera flies through personalized paths so that users can easily check in on their home for peace of mind.

The blog adds that the Ring Always Home Cam easily integrates with Ring Alarm—our home security system. When Ring Alarm is triggered while in Away Mode, the Always Home Cam automatically flies a set path to see what’s happening. Users can easily stream video while the camera is in-flight via the Ring App, ensuring that one knows about everything happening at home.

The device comes with a rest in the base, which completely blocks the camera when docked, giving users the privacy they need. The camera only starts recording when the device leaves the base and starts flying via the present paths. The Always Home Cam has been designed to hum at a certain volume to make people aware that it is in motion and is recording.

Furthermore, the setup process allows the user to set preferred flight paths, ensuring that the camera will only fly where they want it to go. It cannot be manually controlled, ensuring that it records only important things to the user.

The device also has obstacle avoidance technology, which allows it to avoid unexpected objects as it moves on the paths that have already been set.

In addition to this, the company announced a new Echo Dot, Echo Dot with the clock and Echo. Amazon also introduced the next-generation Fire TV Stick, the all-new Fire TV Stick Lite, and a reimagined Fire TV experience that is more personal and customized.

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