Amazon India on Friday released a new monthly subscription plan for its Prime members, adding to the single option of a yearly subscription. Amazon users can now choose to pay and use Amazon Prime monthly at Rs 129 per month, or continue to stay with the yearly subscription package at Rs 999 per year.

The payment methods for this type of subscription are currently limited to debit and credit cards only, as an auto-renew mechanism is activated by default. While any credit cards can be used for the subscription, only select debit cards will be accepted for payments. However, Amazon will notify users three days before the monthly amount is auto-renewed.

The current benefits of Amazon Prime include free fast delivery on select ‘Amazon Fulfilled’ items, no minimum order size, and access to Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Prime Music streaming services. During sales, early access to certain deals is also offered to Prime members.

The annual subscription turns out to be much cheaper for, as the monthly subscription totals to Rs 1,548 for the entire year whereas customers pay only Rs 999 for the annual plan. However, the monthly plan seems ideal for anyone who only wants to check the Prime services out and is not sure of a year’s commitment to the services.

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