Amazon customers in India can now converse with Alexa in Hindi on their Fire TV devices. Apart from this, Amazon is also expanding Alexa Routines by making it available on Fire TV devices worldwide. According to a statement by Amazon, the conversation with Alexa in Hindi includes interactions for Alexa on Fire TV, local knowledge and information, and hundreds of skills and more in the vernacular language. Customers who choose Hindi as their device language will also see Fire TV rows and menus in Hindi. The language support is available starting today on all Fire TV devices in India.

Here’s how to switch to Hindi through Alexa Voice Remote

Customers can switch to Hindi through Alexa Voice Remote by navigating to the Fire TV language settings by clicking Settings followed by Device Options and Device Language.

New customers can select Hindi while setting up their device right out of the box.

The update enables Alexa on Fire TV to understand customers speaking to her completely in Hindi.

Furthermore, Amazon is expanding Alexa Routines by making it available on Fire TV devices in India from today as well. It is a feature designed to make customers’ day-to-day lives easier by bundling Alexa and smart home features.

Customers can use the Alexa app and set up Routines selecting actions such as powering their TV on or off, opening a specific app, playing specific content, or even pausing or resuming content. They can also make use of it to turn off the smart light or resume playing content.

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