‘Every time I close my eyes, all I see is people dying’.

Well, you would definitely die of fear if you had heard this if you were home alone. Such an incident happened when San Francisco-based Shawn Kinnear, 30, heard the Alexa say these lines without being prompted. According to a Metro US report, Kinnear was left stunned when he heard the smart speaker say in a normal Alexa voice, out of the blue.

Kinnear who had left for the kitchen after he had paused his Amazon Prime TV suddenly heard Alexa ranting. Since it was unexpected, he could not record the ranting, but he did catch some lines. After the couplet, Alexa reportedly also said, “followed by the uncomfortable silence I have ever felt.” Creepy much?

Moreover, when he asked her to repeat her rant, she did not reply.

The smart speaker was a gift that he was given to his partner in 2016 who uses it for weather and scores in sports. The couple reportedly used the speaker sparingly.

After this incident, it seems that they might just choose to pack it off completely.

A similar creepy incident had occurred when Alexa was caught recording private conversations and sending them to random numbers.

Incidents like these make one wonder if machines shall rise one day? Hopefully not!

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