Vivo is doing some special things with its Apex 2019 concept phone. At an event in Hong Kong, Vivo showed off this new phone, which has no ports, no buttons, supports 5G, and read fingerprints off the entire display for authentication.

The phone was originally meant to be showcased at the Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona, however, the debut faced a delay.

Vivo Apex 2019: A truly-unibody design

Before we get into what this device looks like, it’s probably important to answer first why the Apex 2019 is important.

Basically, Vivo has created this device to see what a truly-unibody device would look and work like. While it’s probably not yet practical for everyday use, they’ve achieved that vision.

And the port-less idea is no gimmick as Vivo has skipped on not just the headphone jack but essentials like the charging and data transfer USB port as well. So how do fuel the phone?

On the Apex 2019, Vivo uses a specially made magnetic power connector, which is kind of similar to the stuff you get on an Apple Watch. While most of us would prefer a more universal wireless charging system, Vivo’s power connector also allows for data transfer which is probably the reason why they went in for it.

Vivo Apex 2019: Almost full in-display fingerprint sensor

Various foreign publications like The Verge and Android Authority got their hands-on the Apex 2019, used the concept phone and confirmed that the entire display is capable of recognising fingerprints. As of now, all phones that feature an in-display fingerprint sensor, have a dedicated spot on the display, where a user needs to place their finger for authentication. However, with almost the full display supporting the tech, you can use multiple fingers almost anywhere on the front of the phone to unlock the device.

Vivo Apex 2019: It has no buttons

Besides no ports, the Apex 2019 also has a no-buttons approach to design. But how would you power up the device and control the volume? Reportedly, the Apex 2019 uses a combination of capacitive and pressure sensors to simulate the volume and sleep buttons.

And what about the speakers? The Apex 2019’s screen itself vibrates to produce sound in place of a regular speaker.

Wondering when the phone will go on sale? The answer is never. The phone is called a concept device for a reason, and it is only to experiment with a few technological applications that have the potential to make it to Vivo’s future phones.

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