After a very long time, I am able to say this for a Snapchat feature — this is exciting!

At the Partners Summit in Los Angeles, Snapchat made some critical announcements for the platform. It has announced a new category of lenses called Landmarkers, some new features to its Scan tool, and an improved Lens Studio 2.0.

These features may not seem critical on the surface, but what’s exciting about them is that they are whimsical in the tradition of Snap’s lenses, and offer users another reason to pull out their phones from their pockets and create snaps. And at this point where Snapchat’s user base has just stabilised after consistently losing a large number of them for months, that’s exactly what it needs.

In the same effort to create the said “excitement”, Snap has also announced a new multiplayer games platform called Snap Games.

You will be able to launch Snap Games right from the Chat bar. You will not require installing any of these games. You can see which friends you’re playing with, send them a chat, or even talk live with voice chat.

As of now, Snap Games is launching with six titles — Bitmoji Party, Tiny Royale, Snake Squad, C.A.T.S. Drift Race, Zombie Rescue Squad, and Alphabear Hustle.

Snap Games will be available for all users around the world starting today, that is 5 April.

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