AI-based Google News service launched is now available for iOS users

Keeping up with the promise made at its I/O Developer Conference last week, Google has now officially rolled out its “Google News” for iOS, the media reported.

The new Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered app is designed with machine-learning technology to make news finding, analysing and fact-checking, crisp and to-the-point, Engadget reported on 16 May.

“Google News” comes with three options, “For You, “Full Coverage” and “Newsstand,” to help users find news of relevance based on their reading habits, let them have an in-depth read of a topic and give access to users to subscribe to a publication and view its content.

Additionally, the app comes with a “favorites section” for users to star topics across entertainment, news and academia and save stories for pocket-style reading later.

The newly launched “Google News” has replaced the previous “Google Play Newsstand” launched on iOS in 2014 as a news and magazine subscription hub.

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