Adobe has released updates for both Premiere Pro and After Effects. The January update brings certain new feature updates and performance improvements to the software. According to a company release, the Adobe Premiere Pro will now get timecode support for non-standard frame rates. This means that the video editing software application will have an added support to display and use any non-standard frame rate timecodes. These timecodes could be 120 frames per second (fps), 240 fps, or VFR clips.

Moreover, Premiere Pro features ‘Color Space’ and ‘Gamma Curve’ have modified default options. The default working space and Gamma curve has been modified for all Red files. While in older versions, Color Space was Rec 709, in version 14.8 and later, Color Space will be RedWideGamutRGB in both Red files and Komodo files. Similarly, while the older versions had a Gamma curve at BT.1886 for Red files, it has been enhanced to Log3G10 in the latest version.  It remains the same for Komodo files.

The company has mentioned that all old projects will continue to have the previous settings and would not be impacted by the change in Color Space and Gamma Curve. Users will have the ability to choose whether to change the two features’ settings depending on their requirements.

Thirdly, the January 2021 update also brought performance improvements in H.264/ HEVC encoding for TigerLake processors, the 11th generation Intel Core mobile processors.

In the case of After Effects, the press release talked about a more Content-Aware Fill, using which users can “cleanly” remove objects from the footage. This can be done using the lighting shifts in the footage. Users will be helped by harsh lighting changes occurring across the footage as well. Also, the software has received modified default working space and Gamma Curve for all Red files.

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