Have you been finding some of your old WhatsApp messages gone lately? If yes, you are not alone. Reportedly, many Android users have complained of a new bug that is causing their chat history to be deleted automatically. This bug has apparently existed since last month now.

According to a tweet shared by WABetaInfo, a Moto G4 Plus user revealed last month that while this bug first started off deleting chat history in chronological order, recently the bug apparently started deleting chat history randomly.

The user said that they reached out to WhatsApp multiple times regarding this issue, but failed to receive any response regarding it.

Many other users on WhatsApp reported the same issue.

From what the reports suggest, the bug seems to have affected only Android users, and iOS users seem to be safe. WhatsApp hasn’t said anything about the issue yet, and it isn’t very clear right now what is causing the messages to delete.

Notably though, last year in November, Whatsapp said that it will delete users’ chat archive unless they back up their message log to Google Drive, which basically means losing all unarchived messages. WhatsApp had warned that any backups that hadn’t been updated in over a year would also be automatically removed from the Google Drive storage.

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