Android users will not have to dive into Settings every time they need to free up some space to download a new app. A new indicator will now show just how much storage space is available for new apps.

As per a report by Droid Life, the feature was spotted by Reddit user ijazulhaqci, where a new Storage status feature shows what percentage of the internal storage on a user’s phone has already been used. It also shows how much storage space is available, and a status bar gives the user a graphical look at this information.

To be able to see this new feature, open the Google Play Store on and tap the hamburger menu found on the left of the search bar. Click on My apps & games, swipe to the Installed tab, and you’ll find the information on top. But wait, there’s more. If you’re running out of storage and need to free up some space, just tap on the Storage status bar and you’ll be taken to the Free up space page. There, you will have the chance to uninstall any apps that you don’t want in order to, well, free up space.

The apps are listed in reverse order of use which means that the apps you haven’t touched for some time will be listed on top while the apps you use most are on the bottom. This gives you an easy way to decide whether to uninstall a game or an app you haven’t used for months and use the freed up space to install something new.

The new feature also turns up just days after a Google suspended as many 85 adware apps from the store.

As per a report by researchers at security firm Trend Micro, these apps were found to be disguised as game, TV, and remote control simulator apps on the Google Play store. Prior to the suspension, the 85 fake apps had been downloaded a total of 9 million times.

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