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Life can be difficult for the clumsy ones. Our phones slip off our hands on a daily basis, and with the multiple falls, the probability of the phone falling at that one screen-shattering angle becomes so high. To an extent that no tempered glass can save your device.

However, if we keep faith in tech, here’s a possible saviour for us.

The brainchild of Aalen University engineering student Philip Frenzel, a new phone case was demonstrated, which protects the phone from the fall with the help of a set of springs that appear right before impact. Rather than breaking, the phone bounces back.

Frenzel created this device as his thesis project, and demonstrated this for German publication SWR, which refers to the concept as “an airbag for smartphones.” It’s easy to see the comparison: the protective elements only appear when an impact is detected.

Basically, when you drop your phone, the case detects falls and the protective hinged legs pop out at the last second. When the phone hits the ground, the legs of the case hit instead of the handset, and the springs in the legs absorb the impact. So even if the phone has fallen from a distance and bounces once or twice, the protective legs will hit the ground each time. The legs are curved both upward and downward, so whichever side the phone falls, it will be protected. Thus, causing no harm to the phone.

Other than that, the website for the case, refers to it as “Ad-case”. It also mentions that the case features an extra battery, as well as support for wireless charging. The protruding section of case on the back of the phone is said to be 4.9 mm thick, making it incredibly slim given its functionality.

Also, per the page, the smartphone case will be launching on crowdfunding website Kickstarter soon.

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