whatsapp-crosses-50-milion-active-users-in-IndiaWhatsApp recently has now also released new features for its iOS app.

One of the major features is the ability to store media in the form of images, videos and audios based on specific contacts or groups,which lets you disable those annoying forwards in the form of images and videos from groups you don’t care about.

WhatsApp for iPhone users now get the option to click on a group name or contact name and save incoming media in their image gallery. You get options such as Default (Off), Always and Never. which will help you in reducing the clutter.

The other new feature includes the ability to show missed WhatsApp calls.

iPhone users will now be notified of incoming messages which will allow them to respond to them easily. Also just like Android, iOS users can now share documents such as PDFs with other users.

Also,The new update now allows users to type the text in bold and italic, incase you want to mark something important.

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